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DeFi Crypto Index Funds

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You don't need to ask for permission, sign up, pass KYC, or meet a minimum investment requirement to use Anyone can invest.



Why trust a middleman to custody your funds? is a dapp that keeps funds securely locked in a smart contract. No one, except you, can withdraw them.

Zero Fees

Zero Fees

Some funds charge as much as 1% of your total investment per annum. will not take any management, deposit, or withdrawal fees forever!*

* an exchange fee may be applied when depositing or withdrawing a single token

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Did you know that over the long run, equity index funds outperform 90% of funds managed by professional investors and 99% of non-professional investor and stock picker portfolios? Since their first introduction in 1976, retail stock index funds have proved to be one of the safest and most reliable forms of investment. And now, you can use the same vehicle that many have used in traditional markets for crypto investing. crypto index funds are an ultimate passive investment. They automatically rebalance to increase the share of stronger gainers and decrease exposure to underperforming assets. You don't need to actively manage your portfolio or to even follow the market. And all that with zero management fees!

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